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Gigaset A540

A functional phone for those who value good design.

The Gigaset A540 is everything you need in a landline phone. This cordless phone combines ease of use with two-tone design in anthracite/black. It’s harmonic shape and useful features complement any living environment. A large, high-contrast display with lighting offers a choice of colours.

Only the features you need in a beautiful cordless phone 

  • Large, 1.8” high-contrast colour display with 96 x 64 pixels
  • Display lighting with four colours to choose from
  • VIP call with individual melody and display colour

Single Handset £23.00 

Bundle Prices available with N510 Bases.

  1. Handset and Base £63.00
  2. Handsets and Base £83.00
  3. Handsets and Base £104.00
  4. Handsets and Base £125.00
  5. Handsets and Base £146.00
  6. Handsets and Base £167.00

We can supply supply the handsets configured and ready to use, Please enquire.