Calls and Lines Connectivity

Fibre to the Cabinet

Superfast business-grade broadband to your local cabinet and then onto your premises using VDSL (Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line)

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) involves running fibre optic cables from the telephone exchange to the street cabinets (tall green cabinets) which then connects to your phone line to provide broadband. This is connected to the home or business using Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line (called VDSL) that can deliver much faster speeds over short distances.

Benefits of using business-grade FTTC

It’s very fast – Minimum line download speed of 15Mpbs* up to 40Mbps*, which is twice as fast as an EFM 4 pair leased line and nearly three times as fast as Gradwell’s Premier Plus Broadband. You will receive ‘up speed’ of 10Mbps*

You can download and upload files in seconds, which allows you to quickly back-up your programs etc

No delay in loading web pages, especially those with videos and images, which means your employees can work quickly

Improved performance on Virtual Private Networks (VPN) making uploading and downloading of files more efficient; making remote working and working from home a more viable option for employees

Improved download and upload speeds when using multimedia, conferencing facilities and live streaming services allowing them to become useful, cost-effective tools to communicate with suppliers and prospects

Room for growth, as your connectivity can grow with you and will be better equipped to cope with future growth in features such as high definition streaming.

These benefits depend on using FTTC with a good working router and computer or laptop.

*Mbps means Megabits per second which is a measure of data transfer speed

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