Calls and Lines Connectivity

Fibreline Broadband

Fibreline is a dedicated fibre optic internet connection, with speeds of up to 100Mbps, direct to your business premises. Delivered from the exchange, directly into your business premises, Fibreline provides a superfast business-grade internet connection, giving you the speeds your operations require when you need.

Dedicated connection from exchange to business

Opting for Fibreline at your business premises gives you a dedicated superfast connection to the internet.

Fibreline delivers fibre straight through from the exchange to your business premises. This means that the distance from the exchange is not a problem. Your data travels at the speed of light on a dedicated fibre optic circuit, so there is no opportunity to lose speed through distance from the exchange.

Why is it better than FTTC?

Whereas FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) uses constrained hybrid fibre optic cable and existing copper solution from the street cabinet using old copper infrastructure as many other providers, means your connection is subject to frequent changes by engineers of various suppliers.

As Fibreline is a dedicated, private line of fibre optic cable, your internet connection isn’t affected by other providers making changes.