Eartec Office Pro 710 Monaural Flex Boom Headset

The Eartec Office Pro range of premium quality headsets using innovative acoustic technology to deliver speech clarity and an excellent audio experience. Coupled with our sleek design that focuses on comfort and durability, the Eartec Office Pro headset offers a new leve of experience to call center professionals.

Eartec 710 £55 +Vat
Eartec 710 £55 +Vat

Revolutionary Sound

Taking engineering and product design to new levels, this Danish designed acoustic equalizer structure, maximises the benefits of HD speakers to create a headset that excels in its class for clarity and performance.


Providing every headset user the ultimate experience with innovative technology, our goal is to create headsets that not only offer hearing protection but excel in comfort when worn all day.

Clear Communication:

Wiring is the most important component within the headset. Without this communication would not be possible. All Eartec Office Pro headsets are supplied with shielded wiring to dissipate unwanted signal interference for clearer conversation. With the Pro models, the use of Tin plated copper wire and Kevlar wiring ensures greater tension and flexibility – ideal for intensive call centre usage.

All-day Comfort and Styling:

The T-Bar is a simple but vital part of the headset. A single piece T-Bar, padded for comfort and hard set on the outer offers rigidity to prevent slippage when worn.
The twin-injection moulded design of the T-Bar means there are no components to pull apart or clip together – minimising damage caused by wear and tear, and offers

Technical Specifications:

Connection: QD Cable. Strong and durable wiring to withstand daily bending.
Ear Cushion: Premium Leatherette with buffer pad
Microphone: Cardioid directional, Noise Cancelling microphone
Noise-Cancellation: Two tier noise -cancelling system with ambient noise filter
Speaker:A neodymium magnet system for accurate sound reproduction and balanced audio
Acoustic Shock Protection: Meets international standards for ASP
Acoustic Shock Protection 2: Sound Pressure balancing technology
EMI Shield: Comprehensive triple shield design
Wearing Style: Monaural
Audio Characteristics: High Definition, Ultra Clear
Speaker sensitivity: 85-90db
Speaker characteristics: Optimises accuracy in speech recognition
Warranty: 2 years
Certification and Standards: CE FCC RoHS