What We Do..

Working with a varied and diverse selection of businesess means having insights into the ways many businesses go about solving their telecoms problems.

From Hotels to Healthcare, Medical repatriation to Meat processing and Recycling to Restaurant bookings, all have one thing in common. They need to be available for their customers, We can provide a solution on time and on budget.

Cyber-cottage.co.uk support and supply VoIP systems and hardware. With many years of experience of the telecommunications industry and having the depth of knowledge to assist you in most aspects of VoIP and telecommunications needs.

Working with VoIP systems since 1999, and VoIP networks from the mid 1990s providing everything from small offices systems to large multi-site networks spanning the globe.

Solutions have included:-

  • Hosted Freepbx Servers
  • High capacity conference servers.
  • High availability redundant servers for emergency services dispatch.
  • Click2Call solutions
  • Call Centres
  • Onsite and Hosted Office PABX systems
  • Hotel and Hospitality systems

Primarily deployments are based on the Sangoma Freepbx Asterisk open source platform but we have experience of Mitel and many hosted solutions.

Sangoma manufactures a commercially supported version of FreePBX, PBXact that are available through their network of resellers this is available as hosted solution direct from them or we can licence it on your own platform or once of our hosted solutions.

Our managed hosted Freepbx systems leave you to run your business while we host, maintain and keep your IPPBX updated, Being independent we are not tied to any supplier of Voip trunks or handsets so you have VoIP handsets you want to use you can bring them with you or your suppliers of VoIP services.

We also work with IT companies who’s customers that have a Sangoma/Asterisk based PBX providing support for that system on their behalf as one of their team allowing them to provide services to customers without the added overhead of training staff on new systems..

Call or email us to discuss your requirements.