The snow is coming – and don’t we all just love a snow day?

sledgingWell the school kids might, but for those of us with businesses to run, customers to service, and targets to achieve, the prospect of a heavy snowfall and not being able to reach the office can fill us with dread

The thought of a growing backlog of work can be stressful, but missed sales opportunities can spell disaster. In fact, in recent years, blizzard conditions have been said to cost the UK economy as much as £1.2 billion per day.

Fortunately help is at hand, with VoIP phone services, you can beat the weather by having extensions at home, routing calls to mobiles, using hunt groups and flexible voicemail (delivered to your mobile or email inbox).

You keep your normal business phone number, and what’s more, our business customers find that by switching to, they save their businesses money.

If you have any concerns at all about being cut off from your business during heavy weather, then I know that phone services will make your life easier, save you money, and prevent you from being cut off from your customers.

If any of the above could have an impact on your business then I would be very keen to discuss how we can help, and can reach me on 01225580025 for a no pressure chat about your options (whatever the weather).

For example over the cold snap in Jan 2013 we very quickly enabled a number that could be used by a large school so that parents could text in and the group of people receive the text content by email. This meant parents didnt have to call and wait to be answered or be able to send in an email. At school it meant that the message got to all the relevant people and not having someone huddled round one mobile phone and forwarding messages on.