Missed call Notification

This new module does what it says, Users get an email notification of a missed call on their handset. With this module, either the PBX admin or the user can configure email notifications for whenever they miss a call.

A new menu entry will appear in the Applications menu which lists the Missed Call status for all the users on the system that have an email address defined in User Management.

This free module allows the sending of Missed call notifications to the user’s configured email address, on following events – 

  • Missed Internal call
  • Missed External call
  • Missed from Queue call
  • Missed from Ring Group call.

To change notifications types, the Admin can use User Management where they can edit users notification settings:

Or the user can do this themselves using the UCP, or once set up,

There are also dialable feature codes to enable or disable notifications on a per-extension basis, by default these are set to:
Missed Call Notification Activate *56
Missed Call Notification Deactivate *57
Missed Call Notification Toggle *58

This is a useful addition to FreePBX and can see situations where this would be really useful. Hotel reception desks for example.