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ISDN Switch Off 2025

It’s the biggest and most important modernisation of the public phone network ever, and your business needs to check and may need to make changes to ensure a smooth transition

In 2017 BT announced it intended to Switch Off ISDN and PSTN by the end of 2025. From September 2023 new ISDN lines will not be available for purchase. Businesses must make alternative plans and migrate all ISDN / PSTN channels or they will be without a telephony service. All equipment that currently uses the PSTN will stop working: such as alarms, elevator phones, EPOS machines, door entry systems etc

There are four options, all suitable for businesses ranging in size from as few as 3 employees to many thousands of employees. All you have to do is decide which is the best fit for you

Option 1: Adapt What You Have

Extend the life of your current phone system by connecting it to the internet. This is simply done by adding hardware known as a VoIP Gateway and a link known as a SIP Trunk, which uses your existing Internet connection. It’s easy, affordable, and users notice no difference – no new cables, no new handsets, no new training.

Option 2: Blend It All Together

Mix options 1, 2, and 3 to suit your needs. For example, an on-premise system at your head office, and a cloud-based system serving your remote sites. Or connect a cloud-based unified communications platform to an on-premise VoIP Gateway or SIP Trunk-powered system. Whatever the blend, enjoy the same seamlessly-integrated user experience.

Option 3: Upgrade What You Have

Replace your installed on-premise system with the latest feature-rich digital technology known as a Unified Communications (UC) Platform; this can be installed on your site as hardware or software, fully under your control. All your telephony now on the internet, but also seamlessly aligned with your email, messaging, and chat applications via an easy-to-use, easily accessible user interface. Plus, it can all be replicated on employees’ desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices for super-convenience.

Option 4: Migrate To The Cloud

Follow hundreds of millions of organisations worldwide by replacing your on-premise system with a powerful, cloud-powered Unified Communications (UC) solution. All your calls, email, chat, and messaging now via the internet; limitless ability to add the latest new features at will; and pay monthly, only for the services you use.

Sangoma have produced a useful Webinar: “How To Prepare For The Great British ISDN Switch Off”Webinar Recording: “How To Prepare For The Great British ISDN Switch Off”

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