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Completing your number porting form

This guide is designed to help you understand the porting process and provide us with the correct information to submit your port request to your current provider for their approval. The port forms can be downloaded from the Keep Your Number section of the Gradwell website, there is also a link to the port forms at the bottom of this article.

We will try to submit the most accurate port request, based on the information that you provide in the port form; however, you may find it useful to spend some time confirming the details with your current provider, prior to submitting the forms. This should reduce the likelihood of us receiving a rejection from the current provider, and a subsequent increase in the porting fees.

When you have completed the form please email it to, along with a copy of a recent bill (issued within 3 months) from your current service provider, as proof of ownership of the numbers. If you do not receive paper bills then you can also provide a screenshot of an online account or an email/letter from your current provider, confirming the services that you have with them.

Once we have submitted your request we will send you a confirmation email. We will also keep you updated on our progress and inform you as soon as the port is accepted and a port date confirmed. Prior to the port date, we will set up the number in your account and add it to the package of your choice, to ensure a seamless transfer once the number ports.


Contact Name: The name of person that Gradwell will update as part of the porting process

Company Name (If applicable): Company name showing on your Gradwell account

Contact Email Address: Email address that Gradwell should send updates to

Contact Phone Number: Phone number that should be used by Gradwell, when contacting you to update you on your port

Gradwell Customer ID: This should be the account number of the Gradwell account, that the numbers will be added to prior to the port completing


All port requests must include an associated address to be submitted to your losing provider:

  • If you currently own a physical circuit, then the address we require is normally regarded as the installation address (where the physical circuit is installed)
  • If your calls are forwarded remotely from an exchange, then we may require the address and postcode of the exchange in question
  • If your numbers are currently on another VoIP platform, then your current provider may have associated a different address against the numbers, in lieu of a permanent installation address

If you are unsure of the information we require then we strongly suggest that you contact your current provider to check, as the address submitted must match what your current provider has on record or the order will be rejected and you will be charged a resubmission fee.


Current Service Provider: The provider who is currently billing you for the number(s) to be ported

Account Number: The account number of your account with the current provider of the number(s) to be ported

Account Name: The account name of your account with the current provider of the number(s) to be ported

Service Type (e.g. Single Line, PBX system, Feature Line, DDI, ISDN line etc.): If you are unsure of the service type provided, please confirm this with your current provider

Single Analogue installation or Multi-line installation: If you are unsure whether your circuit is a single or a multi-line installation, this will need to be confirmed with your current provider

Are there any products associated with your current service? (e.g. Broadband, Redcare, etc.):

  • If you are porting all numbers from a physical circuit, then the physical line is likely to be ceased on completion of the port.
  • If you currently have a Redcare service from BT, or any other similar security alarm product, then this must be moved to another available line, prior to us submitting the port request to your losing provider. If it is not moved or ceased, then the order will be rejected and you will be charged a resubmission fee
  • If you currently have a broadband service on the line, then this will be ceased once the number port has completed. Gradwell will not be held liable for any services ceased on completion of the port.

If you are unsure whether there are any existing products, then we strongly suggest that you check this with your current provider.


What is the Main Billing Number? This is the main number listed on your account with your current provider

Do you want this number to port to Gradwell, be ceased or remain live with your current provider? A Main Billing Number can be ported, ceased or remain live with the current provider. It is important to remember that, if you are porting the main billing number away from your current provider, then any numbers associated to it may cease to work. If you are unsure whether you have any associated numbers, then this can be checked with your current provider.


Are there any additional numbers associated to the Main Billing Number above? If you have a multi-line installation, then you may find that you also have other single numbers or DDI ranges associated to the main billing number. If this is the case then we must be informed of all associated numbers and confirmation provided as to whether they are to port, cease or remain live.

It is important to remember that, if you are porting the main billing number, then associated numbers may cease to work on completion of the port. In this instance, you may need to either port or cease these numbers. If you are unsure then please check this with your current provider.


Requested Port Date: If no date is listed then we will request the earliest possible port date, based on Ofcom mandated porting lead-times. The port will take place from Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays), we do not complete any ports on a weekend. Occasionally the port date can change, however this will be communicated to you as soon as we have been notified by the losing provider.

Package Required for Ported Numbers: If you are unsure of the package that you require, please contact our Sales Team, who will be able to determine the correct package for your needs. The requested package will be set up in advance of the port taking place, to ensure a seamless transfer of your number.

Maintain Existing Directory Listing?: If your numbers are currently listed in the BT PhoneBook and you would like us to maintain this listing, please specify ‘Yes’ above. If your numbers are not listed, but you would like us to arrange for them to be included in the BT PhoneBook, please contact us on 01225 800 870 to discuss.

Onboarding Assistance Required?: At Gradwell, we offer additional support to help new customers familiarise themselves with our VoIP products and services. This includes assisting with the setup of softphones or hardware that has been purchased from Gradwell, and providing an overview of your new Gradwell control panel.


This section details the charges involved in porting your number(s) to Gradwell. By signing the declaration in section 8, you are agreeing to pay these charges.


This section must be signed by the owner of the numbers to be ported, and by the person who will be paying for porting charges and the ongoing monthly recurring charges, once the number(s) have ported to Gradwell. If this is not the same person then both the current owner of the numbers, and the new owner of the numbers must sign the port form.