Case Studies

Redundant Asterisk solution for Hatzola, London, UK were approached by Hatzola* to provide a resilient platform for the reception, recording and transferring of emergency calls to home based operators.

The proposed solution was based on two Dell servers, Asterisk and the Redfone fonebridge.

To handle the resiliency Linux HA heartbeat was installed on the servers, This controlled Asterisk, The fonebridge and the “floating IP”. All configurations are synced between servers as are all recordings. For power backup a KeySource UP was installed with a runtime in excess of 4 hours.

Since installation the system has run faultlessly except for one occasion where the primary server was switched off in error, Due to the Resiliency of the platform this was not noticed for some hours such was the seamless changeover.

Hatzola Diagram

The system has now been expanded to a second redundant pair in a different london location. The systems are monitored by cyber-cottages Nagios based monitoring solution that monitors all the systems provided by them, The Hatzola systems automatically make test calls between themselves checking that the system is running as expected.


Hatzola was set up over thirty years ago, and is now an organization needing little introduction. It has evolved rapidly in last few decades into a household name known world over. Countless lives have been saved thanks to our dedicated teams expertise and endless dedication.

Please see case study and diagram here