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Superfast Fibre Lite

I am very excited to announced that in conjunction with the availability of ‘Superfast Fibre Lite’ FTTC service for only £25 + VAT per month!

Key facts

  • £25.00 + VAT per month
  • Data Limited 200GB
  • Line download speed of 15Mpbs up to 38Mbps
  • ‘Up speed’ of 5Mbps*
  • Next generation internet – does not rely on old infrastructure
  • Installation £80 + VAT (Router £39.50 + VAT inc. delivery)


Benefits of using Superfast fibre lite (FTTC) from Gradwell

  • It’s very fast – Minimum line download speed of 15Mpbs* up to 38Mbps*, which is twice as fast as an EFM 4 pair leased line and nearly three times as fast as Gradwell’s Premier Plus Broadband. You will receive ‘up speed’ of 5Mbps*
  • You can download and upload files in seconds, which allows you to quickly back-up your programs and data.
  • No delay in loading web pages, especially those with videos and images, which means your employees can work quickly
  • Improved performance on Virtual Private Networks (VPN) making uploading and downloading of files more efficient; making remote working and working from home a more viable option for employees
  • Improved download and upload speeds when using multimedia, conferencing facilities and live streaming services allowing them to become useful, cost-effective tools to communicate with suppliers and prospects
  • Room for growth, as your connectivity can grow with you and will be better equipped to cope with future growth in features such as high definition streaming.
  • These benefits depend on using FTTC with a good working router and computer or laptop.
    • *Mbps means Megabits per second which is a measure of data transfer speed

To discuss this in more detail or to request a quote, please give me a call on 01225580025 or email