Eartec Office Headset Connection Leads

A wide selection of connection leads and accessories are available for all handsets. Please call or email so we can make sure you get the correct lead.

Eartec Office RJ9 QD Connecting Leads

Connects headsets to Phones. many connections are available can be changed to match different kinds of IP Phones
QD (Quick Disconnect) cord perfectly suited for people who use headset regularly.
You can hold on calls and move away from desk easily without removing the headset off your head.

Y Training Cord/ Y Cords for Call Center Headsets. This lead allows two headsets to operate with one talking and other listening. For training or monitoring purpose with one volume controller and Mic mute key.

The Eartec Office EAR-QD007J lead comes with a 3.5mm Jack plug on one side and a Jabra quick disconnect on the other. With its 4 pole connector you are able to use the speakers and microphone on your smartphone giving you better experience.

The eartec office USB3UC cable offers you the complete unified communication solution. The stylish contemporary design of the Inline UC Controller provides you with a more efficient communication saving time.

  • Compatible with most UC software
  • Inline Volume / mute Controller
  • Plantronics quick disconnect
  • 2 Year’s Warranty

Coloured Foam Ear Cushion for Headsets eartec, Jabra and Plantronics

Our coloured foam ear cushions come in various colours and fit all popular headsets.

  • 1. Colours: Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange and the original colour Charcoal.
  • 2. Size: 50*50mm
  • 3. Fits on: All eartec headsets, Jabra GN BIZ 1500 & Plantronics HW251, HW261, HW111, SP11/12