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Sangoma Phone Firmware

This firmware version fixes a problem with the S400 and low audio level when making calls.

FIrmware releases

Gigaset N300 IP, N300A IP, N510 IP PRO – Firmware update 12/2012 (version 075) released

New version of firmware released for N300 bases, Upgrade to this if on 072 firmware to fix instability issues

– Problem of instability, which occurred only very sporadically with version 72, and reset of base station after intensive usage solved

– Problem with call transfer of an external party to an external target behind Cisco Manager solved

– de telefoongids (Netherlands): online phonebook search is working again

– Security:

· Password is masked in VOIP Wizard, no longer visible in clear text

· PIN entry delayed if user repeatedly enters wrong PIN

– S68H handset: CLIP presentation is working again

– Blind Call Transfer problem solved with and

– URI dialling: Problem with added international/local area codes fixed

– Problem with consultation call and “Use Area Code Numbers for Calls via VoIP” setting fixed
FIrmware releases Knowledge Base

Yealink release V70 firmware for their T2X Sets

Yealink has announced the release of the latest Firmware V70 for its award winning IP phone SIP-T2X series.

The key feature of this new Firmware V70 is “M7”, also known as the “unified auto-provision template”. With Firmware V70, the configuration files and the deployment methods of T2X, T3X and VP530 have now been unified.

With the deployment of “M7”, end users now no longer need to maintain different templates of T2X, T3x or VP530. In other words, it lowers the learning curve and increases the business efficiency remarkably.

End users can easily convert their old templates of Yealink IP Phone T2X series and T3X series to “M7” through Yealink Configuration Conversion Tool (CCT). Firmware V70 is now available for download free of charge at

Download release notes here