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EFM Leased Lines

Highly reliable 20Mb symmetrical Internet from £350.00 per month

EFM Leased Lines (Ethernet in the First Mile) provides high speed, reliable internet connectivity for businesses who have outgrown traditional broadband, but where fibre base Ethernet services are still too expensive.EFM uses multiple copper pairs to deliver the service. These are bonded together to provide a combined service. By combining pairs you will receive a much more reliable service because if there is a fault with a single wire then the service will just slow down, rather than taking your business off line.In addition, unlike ADSL where the customer is typically responsible for reporting a fault, with EFM the service is proactively managed by the Gradwell operations centre and where a fault occurs, it is quickly spotted and resolved.Finally, if there is a copper wire fault in the BT Openreach network, EFM is provided with “Service Level 4” which aims to have an engineer resolve the fault within 6 hours.

To order EFM, you will need to contact our sales team. Orders are subject to survey and take between 25 to 90 days to be delivered. EFM is available in 1500 of the most popular UK telephone exchanges and you can be upto approximately 4km from the exchange.

To use EFM, BT Openreach will install a number of analogue copper pairs and associated wall sockets. In addition an EFM network adaptor will be installed, which provides you with an Ethernet socket. You will need to have a spare power socket available within 1M of the BT sockets.

Upgrading EFM

It is not possible to upgrade from 2 Pair EFM to 4 Pair EFM or vice versa. Should you wish to upgrade in the future, you would have to cease your line and reinstall.

We can allow some overlap of the circuits to ensure that you do not lose connectivity in these circumstances, but this may be limited to the number of pairs available as exchange capacity may have changed from the time the original order was placed to the time you wish to upgrade.

EFM Pricing

  • Gradwell EFM services are available on a 1 year or a 3 year contract
  • 3 year deal: 50% discount on installation fee
  • The first months line rental and installation fees are payable upon placing of order
Product 2 Pair EFM 4 Pair EFM
Bandwidth 2Mb to 10Mb 2Mb – 20Mb
Installation £1,200.00 – 1 year contract
50% discount – 3 year contract
£1,650.00 – 1 year contract
50% discount – 3 year contract
Rental £240.00 per month
£2,880.00 per year
£350.00 per month
£4,200.00 per year


All orders of EFM Leased Lines are subject to a contract, which can be downloaded here. Please return any signed contracts by either fax (01225 800 801) or by post to EFM Orders, 26 Cheltenham Street, Bath, BA2 3EX, We can handle all this for you checking teh paperwork and tracking the order.


Cancellation time Cost
 From confirmation of installation date to 5 days before installation 75% of install fee
 From 4 days to 1 day before installation 95% of install fee
From installation to RFS (Ready for Service, approx 10 days) 100% of install fee, plus 100% of year 1 fees


Reason Cost
Visit charge (if not covered by service contract) Various – please refer
to Openreach pricing
Time related charges during installation (if not covered by service contract) Various – please refer
to Openreach pricing
 Excess construction charge (alternate location/additional infrastructure) Various – please refer
to Openreach pricing
 Time related charges during fault repair (if not covered service contract) £80.00 per hour
Special fault investigation (e.g. customer request for an engineer when not needed) £150.00
Aborted visit (e.g. customer not able to grant engineer access) £150.00
All prices are excluding VAT.

Indicative speeds

Like ADSL, the speed an EFM circuit will run at will depend on your distance from the exchange. However, with EFM we can guarantee the minimum speed you will receive1. In our trials, we found that most customers receive a faster speed service than we can guarantee.

EFM is also a symmetrical service – meaning that both the upload and the download speed are the same. This is great if you are making Internet Telephony calls, using video, or sending / uploading large files to the internet.

Distance from local exchange EFM 2 Pair EFM 4 Pair
0m-100m   10Mb 20Mb
 200m – 500m  8Mb 16Mb
 600m – 800m  7Mb 15Mb
 900m – 1100m  7Mb 14Mb
 1200m – 2100m  6Mb 14Mb
 2200m – 2300m  6Mb 13Mb
 2400m  6Mb 12Mb
 2500m  5Mb 12Mb
 2600m – 2700m  5Mb 11Mb
 2800m – 2900m  4Mb 10Mb
 3000m – 3100m  4Mb 9Mb
 3200m  3Mb 8Mb
 3300m  –  8Mb
 3400m  –  7Mb
 3500m – 3600m  –  6Mb
 3700m  –  5Mb
 3800m  – 4Mb
 3900m  –  3Mb
 4000m+  –
 1 If for some reason we are unable to deliver the service at the minimum guaranteed speed, you will have the option to cancel for a full refund, or continue with the slower service.