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Elmeg IP290 Configuration



The Elmeg IP290 are a clone of the Old Snom 190 Sets. and these did support auto configuration. We hoped that it was a simple change to get the files working with the Elmeg.

It turns out that it wasn’t, There are a few gotchas.

  1. The phones dont seem to support tftp download, Just http and https
  2. They dont support sub directories. So files must be in the root directory of your webserver.

Firstly you need to configure your dhcpd.conf

Add the following to the general section

option snom-setting code 66 = string;
option snom-bootfile code 67 = string;

Then the following to the subnet

class “snom-phones” {
match if substring(hardware,1,3) = 00:09:4f;
option snom-setting “https://SERVERIP”;

Theb the following are the two files you need to create .




# example snom general setting file

# After each setting (before the colon) you can set a flag

# General language and time configuration parameter

language: English

web_language: English

timezone: GBR-0



date_us_format: off

time_24_format: on

user_host1: SERVERIP

user_host2: SERVERIP

tone_scheme: GBR






# example snom specific setting file

# After each setting (before the colon) you can set a flag

user_name1: 345

user_pass1: PASSWORD

user_name1: 345

user_realname1: 345

user_host1: SERVERIP

user_srtp1: off

user_dp_str1: !([^#]%2b)#!sip:1@d!d

# You may add up to 4 (snom300/ 12 (snom320,snom360,snom370) accounts

# set 1st account to active outgoing identity

active_line: 1