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Number Porting

When you switch to Gradwell, you can enjoy all the great benefits of our award-winning VoIP telephony service and keep your existing number. Becoming a Gradwell VoIP customer doesn’t mean losing your existing PSTN phone number. Our dedicated porting team can transfer your existing UK and international numbers within days of joining us to minimise any disruption to your business.

Cost: £20.00 one off fee to transfer your number, capped at £200 if you have a lot of numbers in the same sequence to move.

£20.00 each port rejection.

£10.00 for any date change/cancellation.

We are able to move your number from various telephony providers, including:

Full geographic porting:

  • Affiniti
  • BT
  • Cable & Wireless
  • Cable & Wireless (Energis)
  • Cable & Wireless (Thus)
  • Eurobell
  • Inclarity
  • Gamma
  • Magrathea
  • Opal (if Opal are not the range holder)
  • Spitfire
  • Viatel

Partial geographic porting agreements:

  • Colt
  • NTL
  • Telewest
  • Verizon

Full non-geographic (08) porting agreements:

  • Affiniti
  • Cable & Wireless (Energis)
  • Gamma
  • Magrathea
  • Opal
  • Viatel

We are always building on our porting agreements so if you have a number from a company not listed above, please let us know and we will see if it is possible to port.

To keep your number, you will need:

  • A completed porting form (If you require help completing the number porting form, please visit the How To article, which will guide you through the process.)
  • A copy of latest phone bill for the number(s) you want to keep, showing the main billing number and your company name.
  • To fax both of those documents to us on scan and email to
  • If you need to port 10 or more numbers you will need to complete the Capacity Planning Form, which is located on the second part of the Number Porting Form.

What are the timescales?

(Please note this is a guide and times are may be subject to delays)

  • Single line request – five working days
  • Multi line request (less than ten lines/numbers) – seven working days
  • Multi line request (more than ten lines/numbers) – seventeen working days
  • Simple DDI request – seventeen working days
  • Complex DDI request – twenty two working days
  • Single line SUP* request – seven working days
  • Multi line SUP* request (less than ten lines/numbers) – ten working days
  • Multi line SUP* request (more than ten lines/numbers) – twenty working days
  • Simple DDI SUP* request – twenty working days
  • Complex DDI SUP* request – twenty five working days
(A SUP request will be raised where the range holder and losing current provider are different)

Please note, any resubmissions or changes will be charged at £20 (excluding VAT) and will be subject to a new lead time. You will also be charged this amount for any numbers you port, but then do not use or cease. It may therefore be beneficial to cease the numbers with the current providers before putting through the port request to minimise cost.

For more information regarding porting your number, please visit the FAQs.

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Gradwell Approved Professional

A Gradwell Approved Professional (GAP) has a core set of knowledge required to succeed with the Gradwell product set and systems. To become a Gradwell Approved Professional partners must pass an examination and show an in depth knowledge of Gradwell Products and Voip Support.

This means you can be confident that they can:

  • Achieve consistent roll outs of reliable business telephony services.
  • Confidently resolve end user technical issues within an acceptable time frame.

To signup to Gradwell services with us CLICK HERE