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A510H End of Life Notice

A510H entry level cordless handset will be going end of life from approximately the end of February 2015. There will be no further production of the A510H after this.

Announcing the New Gigaset A540H as the A510H replacementA540H

We are pleased to announce the imminent arrival of the Gigaset A540H as the new entry level handset and A510H replacement. This new handset has all the same features as the A510H and comes with a new sleek moulding that makes it look more attractive and nicer to handle.

We are expecting stock to arrive around early February and pricing will be very similar to the A510H. We will keep you informed of the delivery date as soon as it is confirmed.



Eartec Office W300 DECT Wireless Headset

Eartec Office W300 DECT Wireless Headset £130 +vat
Eartec Office W300 DECT Wireless Headset £130 +vat

Headset Features

  • Convertible (Options) or over headband ‘Sure fit’ – You Decide
  • 7 to 9 hours talk time
  • Standby time up to 120 hours
  • Battery life indication
  • Quick 35 minute half battery power recharge
  • Quick 75 minute full battery recharge
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Open Space Operating Range – 130 Metres
  • Full volume control for both microphone and speaker
  • Built in headset mute switch
  • Function Tone alerts (Range, Volume, Mute, Low power, Calls)
  • Personalise each headset
  • ‘On Call’ indication… Ideal for the busy Office
  • Easy out of the box set up
  • Supplied with UK and EU power supply as standard
  • 2 years warranty
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GigaSet Christmas Special offers.

This Christmas grab yourself one of GigaSets Bargain Bundles

1. Buy THREE R630H PRO handsets and get a N510IP PRO base FREE. This is the ideal solution for small businesses particularly where the rugged handsets are tough enough to withstand many harsh working environments such as garages, warehouses and shop floors etc.

2. Buy EIGHT of the new R630H PRO handsets + a N720IP PRO base and get the N720DM PRO FREE. This is an expandable roaming solution for working environments which cover large areas such as: care homes, car dealerships, factories and garden centres.

3. Buy a DX800a + TWO S510H PRO and get another TWO S510H PRO handsets FREE. This is the perfect solution for small offices such as law firms, doctor’s practises and small home business.

For details of these offers call or email us.



New Gigaset R650H handset meeting IP65 standard

The professional, robust DECT handset, optimised for tough situations.

The Gigaset R650H handset is dust and waterproof according to IP65 standards as well as the added benefit of shock resistance.

This makes it the perfect business phone for workshops, factory surroundings, building sites and other challenging work environments.

R650H £88

The R650H handset is fully compatible with all current Gigaset IP base stations, including the Gigaset N720IP PRO mulitcell roaming solution, the R630H allows for seamless phone calls when talking on the move.

This phone has all of the same features as its predecessor, the R630H, plus some additional new ones:

  • HD-Audio
  • HD-Voice
  • CAT-iq 2.0
  • Software update over the air (SUOTA)
  • Advanced call list
  • PIN-protected key lock
  • Ringer off option while in charger
  • Charge whilst device is turned off
  • Large 1.8″ TFT illuminated display
  • Easy to use user interface with 2 colour schemes
  • Dust and water resistant according to IP65
  • Shock resistant
  • Vibration and flashing alerts
  • Handy LED pocket torch
  • Handsfree talking with brilliant sound quality
  • Compatible with N300IP, N510IP and N720IP DECT systems
  • Phonebook for up to 200 entries (first name, surname and 3 numbers per contact)
  • Headset connection via 2.5mm jack
Knowledge Base

How to transfer the directory of your Gigaset phone

With your Gigaset phone you can easily transfer your directory as a vCard to an internal device or via Bluetooth to an external device.

Find more Tutorials here:
Or visit Them on Facebook:


Knowledge Base

VoIP – Per Call Bandwidth

These protocol header assumptions are used for the calculations:

  • 40 bytes for IP (20 bytes) / User Datagram Protocol (UDP) (8 bytes) / Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) (12 bytes) headers.
  • Compressed Real-Time Protocol (cRTP) reduces the IP/UDP/RTP headers to 2or 4bytes (cRTP is not available over Ethernet).
  • 6 bytes for Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol (MP) or Frame Relay Forum (FRF).12 Layer 2 (L2) header.
  • 1 byte for the end-of-frame flag on MP and Frame Relay frames.
  • 18 bytes for Ethernet L2 headers, including 4 bytes of Frame Check Sequence (FCS) or Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC).

Note: This table only contains calculations for the default voice payload

Codec Information Bandwidth Calculations
Codec & Bit Rate (Kbps) Codec Sample Size (Bytes) Codec Sample Interval (ms) Mean Opinion Score (MOS) Voice Payload Size (Bytes) Voice Payload Size (ms) Packets Per Second (PPS) Bandwidth MP or FRF.12 (Kbps) Bandwidth w/cRTP MP or FRF.12 (Kbps) Bandwidth Ethernet (Kbps)
G.711 (64 Kbps) 80 Bytes 10 ms 4.1 160 Bytes 20 ms 50 82.8 Kbps 67.6 Kbps 87.2 Kbps
G.729 (8 Kbps) 10 Bytes 10 ms 3.92 20 Bytes 20 ms 50 26.8 Kbps 11.6 Kbps 31.2 Kbps
G.723.1 (6.3 Kbps) 24 Bytes 30 ms 3.9 24 Bytes 30 ms 33.3 18.9 Kbps 8.8 Kbps 21.9 Kbps
G.723.1 (5.3 Kbps) 20 Bytes 30 ms 3.8 20 Bytes 30 ms 33.3 17.9 Kbps 7.7 Kbps 20.8 Kbps
G.726 (32 Kbps) 20 Bytes 5 ms 3.85 80 Bytes 20 ms 50 50.8 Kbps 35.6 Kbps 55.2 Kbps
G.726 (24 Kbps) 15 Bytes 5 ms 60 Bytes 20 ms 50 42.8 Kbps 27.6 Kbps 47.2 Kbps
G.728 (16 Kbps) 10 Bytes 5 ms 3.61 60 Bytes 30 ms 33.3 28.5 Kbps 18.4 Kbps 31.5 Kbps
G722_64k(64 Kbps) 80 Bytes 10 ms 4.13 160 Bytes 20 ms 50 82.8 Kbps 67.6Kbps 87.2 Kbps
ilbc_mode_20(15.2Kbps) 38 Bytes 20 ms NA 38 Bytes 20 ms 50 34.0Kbps 18.8 Kbps 38.4Kbps
ilbc_mode_30(13.33Kbps) 50 Bytes 30 ms NA 50 Bytes 30 ms 33.3 25.867 Kbps 15.73Kbps 28.8 Kbps

Explanation of Terms

Codec Bit Rate (Kbps) Based on the codec, this is the number of bits per second that need to be transmitted to deliver a voice call. (codec bit rate = codec sample size / codec sample interval).
Codec Sample Size (Bytes) Based on the codec, this is the number of bytes captured by the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) at each codec sample interval. For example, the G.729 coder operates on sample intervals of 10 ms, corresponding to 10 bytes (80 bits) per sample at a bit rate of 8 Kbps. (codec bit rate = codec sample size / codec sample interval).
Codec Sample Interval (ms) This is the sample interval at which the codec operates. For example, the G.729 coder operates on sample intervals of 10 ms, corresponding to 10 bytes (80 bits) per sample at a bit rate of 8 Kbps. (codec bit rate = codec sample size / codec sample interval).
MOS MOS is a system of grading the voice quality of telephone connections. With MOS, a wide range of listeners judge the quality of a voice sample on a scale of one (bad) to five (excellent). The scores are averaged to provide the MOS for the codec.
Voice Payload Size (Bytes) The voice payload size represents the number of bytes (or bits) that are filled into a packet. The voice payload size must be a multiple of the codec sample size. For example, G.729 packets can use 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 bytes of voice payload size.
Voice Payload Size (ms) The voice payload size can also be represented in terms of the codec samples. For example, a G.729 voice payload size of 20 ms (two 10 ms codec samples) represents a voice payload of 20 bytes [ (20 bytes * 8) / (20 ms) = 8 Kbps ]
PPS PPS represents the number of packets that need to be transmitted every second in order to deliver the codec bit rate. For example, for a G.729 call with voice payload size per packet of 20 bytes (160 bits), 50 packets need to be transmitted every second [50 pps = (8 Kbps) / (160 bits per packet) ]


Bandwidth Calculation Formulas

These calculations are used:

  • Total packet size = (L2 header: MP or FRF.12 or Ethernet) + (IP/UDP/RTP header) + (voice payload size)
  • PPS = (codec bit rate) / (voice payload size)
  • Bandwidth = total packet size * PPS
FIrmware releases

Gigaset N300 IP, N300A IP, N510 IP PRO – Firmware update 12/2012 (version 075) released

New version of firmware released for N300 bases, Upgrade to this if on 072 firmware to fix instability issues

– Problem of instability, which occurred only very sporadically with version 72, and reset of base station after intensive usage solved

– Problem with call transfer of an external party to an external target behind Cisco Manager solved

– de telefoongids (Netherlands): online phonebook search is working again

– Security:

· Password is masked in VOIP Wizard, no longer visible in clear text

· PIN entry delayed if user repeatedly enters wrong PIN

– S68H handset: CLIP presentation is working again

– Blind Call Transfer problem solved with and

– URI dialling: Problem with added international/local area codes fixed

– Problem with consultation call and “Use Area Code Numbers for Calls via VoIP” setting fixed
Knowledge Base

Gigaset Dect test mode

Setting test mode on the Gigaset handsets can be very useful. Detailed here is how to set a handset into test mode and what the numbers then mean. Once set go off on a walk round your site to find dead spots. Then change the base position to get the best coverage




The above screen Shows RX power at 100% , Frequency is 3 , TimeSlot is 02, Basestation code is 78 and finally Bit error rate is 100% (This means 100% Good not 100% error rate)

A short document on Setting test mode on Gigaset dect handsets for site surveys is available for download here. This shows you how to enable it and what each of the numbers mean.


VoIP Design and Sales

At we provide support,design and installation services. We have over 25 years of experience of the telecommunications industry and have the depth of knowledge to assist you in all aspects of telecommunications needs.

We have been working with VoIP systems since 1999, and VoIP networks from the Mid 1990s everything from small offices of 15 extensions to large multi-site networks with bespoke platforms. Our primary deployments are now based on the Asterisk open source platform from Digium.

Solutions have included:-

  • High capacity conference servers.
  • High availability redundant servers for emergency services dispatch.
  • Click2Call solutions
  • Call Centres
  • Office PABX systems

Asterisk is a complete telecommunications platform. From caller ID to multi-site networks, anything your telephone system can do, Asterisk can do better and maybe cheaper.

It includes a whole host of telephony features such as CTI, Voicemail, call conferencing and CRM integration.

We have tailored our Asterisk solution to behave like a normal PBX, with call barring, day and night service, call re-routing, DND, voice mail for all users and new features can be added easily at any time.

With Asterisk we can replace your PBX or complement an existing PBX by adding more functionality at a competitive price.

Recent systems have included a large hosted callback platform for a Major UK Car Parking company allowing drivers to make calls to the office at no charge to themselves.A system for a “online” Solicitors group to allow the tracking of calls and work-flow. We have recently deployed a system for to allow them to take table reservations for restaurants.

Recently customers have included Mendip Outdoor Pursuits, Purple CarParks, NorthCott Global Solutions and Qwtanet. These have been a mixture of onsite systems, hosted systems and solutions based on Asterisk running in a VMware environment.

Call or email us to discuss your requirements.


Gigaset Handsets

All the Gigaset DECT bases and handsets we sell are compatible with each other, but some handsets may only offer basic or limited compatability find out more information contact us



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